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Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
more water. >> reporter: ron ruben is a state geologist who studies landslides all over california. he says the bay area is particularly at risk. >> the type of bedrock that we have in the bay area is generally relatively weak compared to other parts of the state and we also have additional weakness in the rocks based on the amount of faulting that's happened in the bay area. that fault activity over time will weaken rocks. >> reporter: this map of the bay area shows the areas at the highest risk of landslides along the east and south bay hills of and on the peninsula since one major predicter of landslides is previous landslides residents along canyon hikes drive here in fremont monitor the hills. this old landslide is clearly visible just above the neighborhood but juan gonzalez says there has not been too much trouble recently. >> the neighbors had a meeting in the school and they were concerned about the slides. >> reporter: it's right above the school. >> yeah. >> reporter: in 2005 this massive landslide occurred in the southern california community of la conchita another unseen d
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
, ron replaced jim harbaugh as the head coach at the university of san diego when harbaugh took the stanford job six years. today caragher is replacing mike macintyre at san jose state. >> proud of you guys. >> the 45-year-old introduced himself to his new players today. he is a native of morgan hill with bellarmine prep. spent time with the recruiting coordinators for kentucky prior to that. >> i know there's ups and downs the last 25 years or so but maybe i can bring some consistency and keep it, you know, just build off what coach mac did here. >> both sides agreeing on a reported one year deal for 9.5 million dollars brought over to the as from the diamondbacks, stephen drew hit .250 with six home runs down the stretch. now, the as they didn't take long to find his replacement. oakland is expected to announce at a press conference tomorrow that they have signed japanese star hiroki nakajima, 11 over in japan. a seven time all-star over there. >>> if you were doing the holiday party tour this weekend here's what you missed. >> rams vikings danny a.m. dole la scores but on t
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
, nice military bowl performance in front of the new boss, coach ron caragher. he will take over after this game against bowling green in red. spartan quarterback david fales his kyle nunn. spartans up 10-6. fales hits. fumbles. bowling green's chris jones returns it, near the 10-yard line. i love it when the big fellas rumble. on the very next play, it's an ton samuels who punched it n bowling green took the lead 13- 10. but as is often said, time to make a play! spartans special teams punt to the end zone for a safety. it's a one-point bowling green lead. david fales a simple pass but watch the run after catch by chandler jones. whoo! excuse me. spartans in front by 6! 4th quarter, bowling green got a score from john pettigrew. falcons back up by one but too much time left. 10.5 in the game. it was the spartans' day here in washington, d.c. leon short range and that's it. first 11-win season since 1940. san jose state wins final of 29- 20. >>> basketball, the warriors are off. they will run with philadelphia on friday. >>> on saturday, tara vanderveer's stanford women will host numbe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3